Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DirecTV and Wild Blue Satellite Internet

For several days I have been trying to schedule a satellite Internet installation.

Satellite is the last resort for high speed Internet if you cannot get DSL, cable or fiber optic. If you can avoid satellite Internet, do so at ALL COSTS! Some of the downside to satellite Internet are higher costs, longer contracts, punitive early termination fees, maximum throughput of 1.5 mbps down and 256 kbps up and potentially significant latency delays.

Given all that downside, what do you if satellite Internet is your last resort because you are in a rural area or do not fit the logistical profile for DSL, cable or fiber? The answer is, of course, you suck it up and get it. Fine, I did that and here is what happened.

My next step was to all my satellite company, DirecTV. Of course, they outsource this service to a company called Wild Blue. However, Wild Blue does not do the installation themselves. No, the installation is scheduled through a company called DSI Communications. But wait, they are not the ones that actually perform the installation. That is done through Ironwood Communications, wait, Mountain Communication, no, LC Communications. That is how many companies I had to speak with over the last few days, taking up no less than 5 hours of my time. I don't know about you, but my time is worth something. Something so simple should not be such a cluster f***.

Did I mention the installation date in their respective systems was different for DirecTV, DSI and LC Communication? Did I mention DirecTV said the installer would bring all the hardware only to find out it is actually being send via UPS and arriving at the subject property where there is nobody available to receive it?

DirecTV is the company that promotes their availability to facilitate this service. Consequently, they should do a MUCH BETTER JOB coordinating the logistics and workflow of these installations. They remind me of Verizon (perhaps in a subsequent post). Their left hand does not know what their right is doing. The end result is a seriously pissed of customer. I would have rather been connected to Mumbai or Manila where at least some guy will placate me, apologize profusely, and call me Mister.

Customer service in America is shameful. Does anybody want to do a good job anymore or make sure the guy who is actually paying the bills gets proper, courteous, EFFICIENT service?

If satellite Internet and DirecTV/Wild Blue is logistically your last option, consider going back to dialup. It will be significantly less frustrating!

God help this poor installer when he gets there...if he gets there.

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