Thursday, July 10, 2008

Under The Umbrella I Found Integrity

I was on the phone with my friend from Philadelphia while sitting on my deck in Brentwood (not too far from the former home of Heisman Trophy winning USC tailback Orenthal J. Simpson) enjoying a glass of Walter Hansel 2006 chardonnay from the Russian River Valley as the three red tail hawks soared above my property - when the world came crashing down on me.

Well, actually it was my big umbrella from Room and Board and the gigantic plastic top of the unit cracked this leaving the umbrella to fall on me disrupting my peaceful evening and leaving me blurting out a few choice obscenities as if I was back in Philly - perhaps at a Flyers-Rangers game.

This isn't the first time this umbrella has broken but the last time was my fault. In trying to get the PERFECT shot for a photo shoot of my house for Modern Home Theater - I pushed in just the wrong way and SNAP. There went the umbrella. I manned up and ordered another one which was quickly delivered and installed without incident. That time was absolutely my fault.

This time my wife called Minneapolis-based Room and Board to ask what they could do for us. In turns out - they can refreshingly do a lot. Within two weeks (including a holiday weekend) they delivered a new umbrella as well as studied why the last one broke. They charged nothing for the new umbrella. Zero for the installation and zilch for delivery. In fact, they were so fast that I couldn't even grease the guys a smooth Andrew Jackson for their efforts (I can't help it, I am an Italian raised in Philly who my friends say will "tip a toll booth attendant" if they would let me). The lead guy who installed the umbrella said that he has never seen this happen other than at my house and if it happened again that they would come out and replace it again.

This my friends - is the Business of YES!

Room and Board gets it in ways airlines and other stagnant companies do not. No $15 charges for Internet access at the Four Seasons or $25 fee to check a bag before a crappy coach flight to somewhere. Room and Board chose not to nickel and dime me and I thank them. The company just made sure I was a happy customer. In fact, they guaranteed that I will be a repeat customer even if I have to drive down to Irvine to their beautiful 40,000 square foot showroom the next time I need some furniture.

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