Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hermes Changes Policy On Selling Handbags

French leather and luxury goods company, Hermes, has changed their arrogant position on selling their sought-after women's handbags. Previously, the retail branches for the store would amazingly not allow customers to special order their lofty women's handbags - specifically the "Kelly Bag" or the "Birkin Bag".

In today's God-awful economy even on Rodeo Drive - things are changing drastically in the way luxury goods are sold. Now Hermes is calling other stores to swap inventory to make sure the customer get exactly what he or she is paying for. At $7,000 and up for a purse - you'd expect better than to be told "if you want a tan Kelly bag then come back to the store every day and if it is in you MAY buy it!" Now the consumers who have the interest in buying such high-end items are in control of the buying process which is about time.

The problem for Hermes is - people are learning that they can live without a $7,000 purse and be very happy.

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